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Since his early childhood, Alan has been hitting on everything that he could see or have to hand. And by dint of begging his parents to start taking some drum lessons, they finally fulfilled his wish.


He started learning how to play drums at the age of 14 with Andrea Russano, a drummer from the same town, Italian like him. He took classes for 1 year to discover the world of music.


Alan decided to change schools at the instigation of his friend, also a teacher, who introduced him to Diego Rapacchietti (internationally renowned drummer who worked with Zerop, Touched Bye, 69 chambers, Coroner, Paganini, Venturia and many others…).


After having discovered the Dream Theater band, Alan listened and worked tirelessly on

Mike Portnoy's riffs. That’s when he created his first real band with his best friend, a big fan of John Petrucci. They composed a repertoire strongly influenced by DT!


Alan took Diego's lessons based on his book for 10 years, and then continued on his own to practice his instrument. Then he took lessons from time to time, especially to ask for advice when preparing gigs or studio recording sessions. Alan also gives drum lessons using the Rapacchietti book.


Over the years, Alan acquired a rock oriented and powerful playing style worthy of his teacher ... Finally a little closer ☺... He built his reputation and proved his professional and meticulous side.

band / Artist

No name ( Nirvana cover )

Ankara > Winedust  (progressive metal)

TAJ Project (rock-progressif)

Seven moon (Blues-rock)

Y825 (Rock)

Alyss (Rock)

Bis In IDEM (Pop-Rock)

Discover (Cover Band) - ACTUAL

PYT (Rock)

Winedust - ACTUAL


Drumsticks :  AGNER

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